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Aero Testing

Let us help you go faster. From only £249 for 2 hours. Take advantage of the unique aero testing system to get accurate results without a wind tunnel. Data is automatically recorded at high resolution on the bike to take real world conditions into account. You'll have help from a highly experienced mechanic used to working with today's superbikes using workshop tools. You'll get all the data recorded along with a report detailing the findings. Why not get in touch to discuss what you'd like to test and find a time and location to suit you?

Race Service

Triathlon and time trial bikes can be really complicated. Treat your bike to the best service including low friction chain treatments

Aero Test System

The road is is your wind tunnel. The aero test system is designed to work in the real world. By measuring conditions that are controlled in a tunnel you can calculate drag and rolling resistance. You can test at practically any time, without a expensive trip to a velodrome or wind tunnel. It fits almost any bike. You just need a power meter. All data captured can be viewed in Golden Cheetah / Aerolab